Artist Statement

I always enjoy drawing pictures since my childhood. When I was 5 years old, I always had a sketchbook and pen to drawing scrawl to spend time by myself to amuse in big city in Tokyo. And I was going to the elementary school by city bus for six years. I still remember scenery from the bus window in my memory.

I learned visual design and fine art at Vantan Design Institute of Art Technical College. My studies included painting, drawing, photography, sculpting and lettering in 2 years. After I graduated from this school I kept developing acrylic paintings, photographs and drawings.

I was traveling all over the world, India, Europe, Morocco, Thai, Indonesia and USA for last seven years. I took many pictures; drawing and I made accessories, clothes and leather bags using antique, oriental and tribal material that I found in those countries.

I think the reason why I like travel to take a picture and experience different culture is a lot to do with my childhood.

All the people that I have met, spiritual GURU (religious leader of India), SADU (Indian monk), hermit, magician, healer, drunker, homeless and hippies in the travel. And I had a many interesting story and lifestyle in diversity people feels and recognizes of life.

I was influenced by Jonas Mekas. He is my favourite artistic filmmaker. His work is sentimental and reminiscent, but I feel his message is universal. Also I like Cy Twombly and Yves Tanguy. When I saw Twombly's large paintings I thought I returned to childhood, and I felt warm and peaceful. Tanguy's work with strange objects and gray colored background makes me feel like I am in another world. I like the fact that in his paintings it cannot be determined whether daytime it or nighttime. Though concept and expression of these works are quite different but I received strong influence too.

An act to take a photograph and drawing are part of my spiritual mind and it is an instant to lead to a state of selflessness. I want to convey scenery to people whom the world without having gone and looked with a peaceful message.

My art is endless trip of pursuit to myself. I want to study photography, art and develop myself in NYC to present my ideas through my work around the world. 
So, I am very interested to see how people feel and recognize my art.


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